ESG Report 2022

With high sense of environmental responsibility and fully aligned with Carlsberg Group’s principles and standards, in Olympic Brewery we have developed a cohesive sustainable development plan called “Together Towards ZERO”,based on the below key pillars:

ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT, with respect to the environment.
ZERO FARMING FOOTPRINT, by sourcing our raw materials from sustainable sources and
from regenerative agricultural practices.
ZERO PACKAGING WASTE, bottles and cans that are recyclable, reusable or renewable.
ZERO WATER WASTE, during the production process of our products.
ZERO IRRESPONSIBLE DRINKING, through the active promotion of responsible consumption.
ZERO ACCIDENTS CULTURE, adopting a holistic health and safety culture at the workplace.

We are fully aware that environmental and corporate social responsibility is no longer just
an extra feature to be taken into account; it is increasingly becoming collective
consciousness and a key requirement for employees, partners, clients, consumers, and
investors. Therefore, it is a key condition for any company’s long-term success.
You may find here our ESG Report 2022 and learn more about our goals, policies, and
activities that led to our significant progress so far.
Together Towards ZERO and Beyond, we keep on brewing for a better today and tomorrow!