Health & Safety

The Health & Safety of our people is a key and unwavering priority and we want to ensure that they all go home safe every day.

In this direction, we have already implemented a comprehensive program in all our facilities for the continuous reduction of accidents in the workplace, and especially those that can cause a serious injury. At the same time, we are constantly evaluating every possible risk and we are proceeding with improvements and educational trainings, to ensure the protection of our employees in the whole range of our operation. We believe that all accidents are preventable and this is why we constantly strive to build and promote a culture of Zero Accidents in the workplace, enabling our people to detect unsafe behaviors and help their colleagues adopt safer ways of working. Our goal is to continuously reduce accidents at work every year, resulting their elimination by 2030.

To achieve this, we follow 5 rules called “Life Saving Rules”, aiming to prevent accidents that can cause severe injury. These rules have emerged following analysis of severe and fatal accidents in the history of the Carlsberg Group and our industry in general and they are an integral part of the onboarding and training of all employees. Our employees are also actively involved in the detection and recording of safety incidents, while the H&S Ambassadors team analyzes the data monthly, setting priorities and disseminating knowledge to all departments. First aid teams have been also set up in all our facilities, where again employees from all our company’s departments and divisions participate. Finally, we perform safe driving training, by simulating real driving conditions, to employees who use a company vehicle.

One initiative that we’re really proud of, is the installation of a breathalyser Interlock system in all our corporate fleet vehicles, beeing the first company, not just in our industry but in Greece as a whole, to take a decisive and tangible action on the issue of safe driving and responsible drinking, starting with ourselves – our human resources.

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