Responsible Drinking

Our products bring people closer and are strongly related to moments of joy and relaxation. However, irresponsible drinking -such as underage drinking or drink and drive- remains a global problem.

Part of our mission is to highlight the importance of Responsible Drinking in all occasions, encouraging consumers to always enjoy our products responsibly. For this reason, we have responsible drinking messages both on our brands’ packaging and online, for all our alcohol products, while we also abstain from any kind of promotion aimed at people under 18 y.o. We consciously seek to expand the options available and further promote the alcohol-free beer category in the Greek market, while we implement activities to promote this category, thus also expanding consumption occasions, in collaboration with our customers across channels. At the same time, we implement endorsement campaigns and activations for the promotion of responsible alcohol consumption through targeted partnerships with NGOs and relevant associations.

With zero irresponsible drinking as one of the key pillars of our sustainable development plan, we’ve been also focused on initiatives aimed at company’s employees, which combined responsible drinking with safe driving. That’s why we’ve installed a breathalyser Interlock system in all our corporate fleet vehicles, beeing the first company, not just in our industry but in Greece as a whole, to take a decisive and tangible action on the issue of safe driving and responsible drinking, starting with ourselves – our human resources.

In this way, a matter of collective responsibility is effectively addressed with a device that functions proactively and is permanently placed in the vehicle to prevent someone driving while being under the influence of alcohol. We are providing our people a useful tool that inherently promotes a philosophy of responsible drinking and automatically leads to safer driving.

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