Water Waste Management

Water is an extremely valuable natural resource and an essential key ingredient in our products, while other key ingredients, such as grain and hops, need it to grow. Therefore, its conservation is a great responsibility as well as a necessity for us.

For this reason, we have set ambitious targets to eliminate water waste: By 2030, we aim to halve the amount of water used to produce every hlt. of beer.

Towards this direction we apply a series of procedures in our production plants, at Sindos in Thessaloniki and Ritsona in Evia, optimizing our operations at every stage of production and recycling water where possible. Also, by continuously and closely monitoring water consumption in each production stage it is possible to make immediate interventions and resolve issues related to leaks and overconsumption, while collecting and reusing water from the final washing of bottles and cans after filling has taken place help us eliminate water losses.

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