Environmental Footprint

Climate change affects our lives no matter where we are on the planet. As a responsible company with a commitment to zero carbon footprint in the coming years, we have already taken important steps in this direction.

The reduction of our environmental footprint is an important effort that concerns every step we take. By investing in the continuous modernization of our facilities and technological equipment, as well as in the optimization of our processes, in the whole range of our operation, we have already achieved significant results, while at the same time we have re-evaluated every stage of our supply chain, reshaping our processes, from production to the final delivery of our products.

The entire production process in our two proprietary production plants, at Sindos in Thessaloniki and Ritsona in Evia, is in line with environmentally friendly mechanisms, while adhering to the strictest standards of quality control and product safety is always a priority for our company. From insulation to lighting and bottling processes, we implemented dozens of improvements, saving significant amounts of energy, thus, we began collecting the carbon dioxide produced during the beer fermentation process, which is reused for production and bottling needs. At the same time, we implemented numerous initiatives contained in the Carlsberg Operational Manual related to means of operation (water and energy supply, etc.), brewing and processing (B&P), as well as packaging, while both our breweries have been certified for the development of an environmental management system in accordance with international standards ISO14001:2015. Our fridges and draught beer coolers have been included in our modernization program, as they have already started to be replaced by new ones that allow minimal energy consumption which can be reduced further through the respective functional elements of the fridge or cooler.

Finally, our waste management and recycling systems are also particularly effective. At Olympic Brewery we annually recycle significant quantities of materials coming from our production plants, like glass, metals and iron, paper, plastic and wood.


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