Olympic Brewery: Paving the way for beer production using solar energy, in collaboration with Absolicon

An ambitious pilot program, used as part of the ESG strategy 'Together Towards Zero and Beyond', to implement zero carbon emissions by 2030

Aiming to the gradual elimination of our environmental footprint, in 2022 we completed the infrastructure for the implementation of the pilot program for the utilization of solar energy, to cover energy needs at our production site in Sindos, Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the Swedish company Absolicon.

Through the installation of a solar panel system in our brewery, the program utilizes solar energy, converting it into thermal energy, to produce steam. Afterwards, the steam feeds the brewery to cover needs related to the production process. More specifically, Absolicon's solar collectors are designed to "follow" the sun, using the solar energy for heat and steam applications in industrial processes, such as beer pasteurization. The solar collector system, with a total area of 1,900 m2, will cover 2.2% of the annual thermal energy needs of our brewery in Sindos, while during the sunniest summer months, this percentage will amount to 5%.

This initiative consists of an interesting and innovative practice for the brewing sector in general, aiming to the gradual elimination of conventional fossil fuels, utilizing more and more forms of renewable energy sources.

This program is an important step towards achieving one of our main ESG goals, which is to achieve ZERO CO2 emissions during the production process, by 2030. That is why we continue investing in the continuous upgrade of the facilities, of technological equipment and processes throughout our operational chain, while adopting and expanding the use of "green" practices to optimize energy consumption and further exploit renewable energy sources, such as solar.