Fully in line with Carlsberg Group’s vision, Olympic Brewery wants to become the market’s number one player, boasting high professional level and creation of added value for its employees, partners and community.

Our vision perfectly reflects our culture and way of working, as well as our market position and attitude towards our customers, partners and consumers. We are working hard and systematically for our company’s growth, seeking to create new prospects for our employees and partners, the company, and above all, the consumers and the community.

Our success is driven by the promotion of a Winning Culture! We endorse behaviors that encourage team work, in line with our 3 A’s – Alignment, Accountability and Action. We are actively promoting Alignment, we are Accountable for achieving our common goals and we take focused Action.


Making strategic choices and adopting behaviors that reflect our culture, offering quality products, and most of all, respecting the Carlsberg Group’s history, we are truly proud that we fill the everyday lives of consumers who buy our products with smaller and greater moments of joy, either directly or indirectly.

To this end, we have been creating innovative, quality products, identifying and comprehending market needs, developing a competitive advantage, creating value and offering benefits to our consumers and partners, and promoting a well-functioning and fully-growing beer market.

Furthermore, our Greece-based activities consolidate our presence in the Greek market. Our Greek DNA is reflected through the domestic production of 10 labels in our two proprietary sites, the development of a strong portfolio that includes classic Greek products, and the support from a wide network of partners and vendors. The company’s Greek values go beyond the Greek borders, and, driven by credibility, expertise, organization, and the Carlsberg Group’s powerful infrastructure, they gain a unique global imprint, reaching consumers in 35 countries all over the world, to promote the Greek entrepreneurship and products.