Olympic brewery’s signature DraughtMaster™ innovation

We are driven by our unquenchable thirst for developing innovative solutions that give  competitive advantage to our partners and deliver quality to our customers, to respond to market challenges. DraughtMaster™ is a breakthrough globally patented system that has shaken up the domestic beer market to offer a unique, environmentally friendly option when it comes to draught beer.


DraughtMaster™ features practical, lighter, single-use kegs, that contain no air inside them, and don’t require additional CO2 gas for serving the beer. As a result, beer shelf-life and quality is preserved for 6 times longer compared to other technologies. Furthermore, the DraughtMaster™ system is easy to use and clean, it has a low maintenance cost and is environmentally friendly, as there is no need for washing kegs. DraughtMaster™ is available in 2 types, depending on the size of installation required:

DraughtMaster™ Modular 20


User friendly technology delivering increased profitability and offering more options to consumers. The system is installed under the bar or in the basement, offering broader draught beer variety.

Main benefits

• Fresh beer every time: Beer stays fresh from the first to the last glass and tastes smoother without superfluous CO2, because it remains inside a closed system with no contact with oxygen and without addition of CO2

• 31 days of shelf-life: 6 times longer shelf-life compared to traditional steel keg systems, resulting to less profit lost through wastage due to low consumption.

• Easy to use and clean: A simple system with light, disposable kegs that require no storage space when empty and do not depend on environmental conditions (e.g. temperature). Short, semi-automated cleaning process.

• Lower operational costs: No keg fees, deposits or product loss. Always ideal pressure for reduced waste of beer.

• Environmentally friendly: No need to store, transport, process and wash empty kegs because the DraughtMaster Kegs are using disposable and made of recyclable materials, while no extra CO2 is needed to serve the beer.




DraughtMaster™ Flex


DraughtMaster™ Flex  uses the same technology and features the same benefits as Modular 20, but in format that allows draught beer to be served anywhere!! It is a portable system on wheels, easily installed anywhere, to provide high quality beer, even in seasonal or low-consumption establishments. Its operation is based on disposable, light, 20l PET kegs, and two kegs may be refrigerated at a time. (One connected and one in line ready to be used). DraughtMaster™ Flex is essentially a  flexible, refrigerated bar on wheels that delivers best quality draught beer!

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